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When was Redix International founded?

Redix is a privately held software development company that has been in business since 1994 as a U.S. corporation. Redix develops and licenses software for the electronic commerce market including Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), XML, and various proprietary formats.

What EDI products are made by Redix International?

To view a list of products made by Redix International, Inc., visit our Product Webpage.

What is the Redix price policy?

Redix licenses its software using a simple Software License Agreement that provides for a permanent perpetual license once the software license has been paid, and provided that the maintenance is kept current by the customer. Redix Format Converter engine products, along with a few other products are licensed per CPU on the computer system on which it will be installed, and does not limit the number of users of the software or the number of transactions that the software handles.

What is the Redix policy for annual maintenance?

Redix provides support for its software via email, telephone or fax under its annual maintenance agreement with its customers. The maintenance must be paid on an annual basis at a minimum, but may be paid for a longer term if desired. Redix will provide a 15% discount for a 3 year or longer term paid in advance. Maintenance not only provides for ongoing support of the products, but entitles the licensee to updates of the dynamic standards, as well as any license issues and regular enhancements to the Redix software products. To obtain any support from Redix, whether it is a software support or a license related issue, the maintenance agreement must be current.

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