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Database Module

The Redix Database Module is an optional software add-on to the Redix AnyToAny and Network Server-Based AnyToAny Format Converter Engines. It allows the Redix software engine to interact with any ODBC-compliant databases during the conversion process. Users can use the Redix Database Module to convert messages of any type to/from a database (Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, Sybase, Informix, InterBase, SQLBase, and MySQL). The Redix Database Module also supports the native API of the target DBMS (database management system), e.g., Oracle/oci and SQL Server/OLE-DB, so applications developed with the Redix Database Module can run more swiftly.

Users can access ODBC-compliant databases with Redix software by entering OFD (Output File Descriptor) statements. Users can use standard SQL statements, views, and stored procedures to interact with a database. 

Users With the GUI Mapper or HIPAA Package

For enterprises that use the Redix GUI Mapper or HIPAA Package, the Redix Database Module allows users to:

  • Perform drag-and-drop operations to easily create a map between a message and a database
  • Create the database schema, as well as a map between a message definition and the created database. The Redix GUI Mapper and HIPAA Package allow users to create a “self-mapping” database map that automatically generates a database schema and map from a message definition.

After the map is defined, the Redix GUI Mapper or HIPAA Package with Database Module will generate a Redix OFD file with the appropriate SQL statements that will allow the Redix engine to interface with the database directly.

With Additional RMAP Module

For enterprises that already use the Redix RMAP Module, the Redix Database Module includes predefined database maps for all twelve RMAP transaction types. The predefined database maps are for use with Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle databases.

Microsoft SQL Server

Predefined Maps for RMAP-to-Microsoft-SQL-Server-Database Conversions:

  • RMAP_4_270 to SQL Server
  • RMAP_4_271 to SQL Server
  • RMAP_4_276 to SQL Server
  • RMAP_4_277 to SQL Server
  • RMAP_4_278REQ to SQL Server
  • RMAP_4_278RES to SQL Server
  • RMAP_4_820 to SQL Server
  • RMAP_4_834 to SQL Server
  • RMAP_4_835 to SQL Server
  • RMAP_4_837I to SQL Server
  • RMAP_4_837D to SQL Server
  • RMAP_4_837P to SQL Server

Predefined Maps for Microsoft-SQL-Server-Database-to-RMAP Conversions:

  • SQL Server to RMAP_4_270
  • SQL Server to RMAP_4_271
  • SQL Server to RMAP_4_276
  • SQL Server to RMAP_4_277
  • SQL Server to RMAP_4_278REQ
  • SQL Server to RMAP_4_278RES
  • SQL Server to RMAP_4_820
  • SQL Server to RMAP_4_834
  • SQL Server to RMAP_4_835
  • SQL Server to RMAP_4_837I
  • SQL Server to RMAP_4_837D
  • SQL Server to RMAP_4_837P


Predefined Maps for RMAP-to-Oracle-Database Conversions:

  • RMAP_4_270 to Oracle
  • RMAP_4_271 to Oracle
  • RMAP_4_276 to Oracle
  • RMAP_4_277 to Oracle
  • RMAP_4_278REQ to Oracle
  • RMAP_4_278RES to Oracle
  • RMAP_4_820 to Oracle
  • RMAP_4_834 to Oracle
  • RMAP_4_835 to Oracle
  • RMAP_4_837I to Oracle
  • RMAP_4_837D to Oracle
  • RMAP_4_837P to Oracle

Predefined Maps for Oracle-Database-to-RMAP Conversions:

  • Oracle to RMAP_4_270
  • Oracle to RMAP_4_271
  • Oracle to RMAP_4_276
  • Oracle to RMAP_4_277
  • Oracle to RMAP_4_278REQ
  • Oracle to RMAP_4_278RES
  • Oracle to RMAP_4_820
  • Oracle to RMAP_4_834
  • Oracle to RMAP_4_835
  • Oracle to RMAP_4_837I
  • Oracle to RMAP_4_837D
  • Oracle to RMAP_4_837P






  • Windows Server 2003 / Vista / 7 / Server 2008 / 8 / Server 2012 / 10 / Server 2016
  • UNIX (AIX 5.1+, Solaris 8/9/10, HP-UX 10+)
  • Linux (Red Hat, SUSE, etc.)

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